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Brookings Gymnastics Meet

January 5, 2013


Custom Collage Instructions

(For ordering instructions and samples click here.)


Please read:

My gallery size is limited to 300 photos, so I had to create multiple galleries for some schools.  The system limits you to one gallery per order.  The system will also require that you pay shipping per order.  BUT, I WILL ONLY CHARGE SHIPPING ONCE.  I have to call in any credit card purchases and I will subtract off the additional shipping charges prior to calling in the final balance.  For PayPal purchases, I will refund the shipping back to your PayPal account.  If you pay by check, please only pay shipping once, but remember to add in the sales tax.


Photos are ready to view.  Click the links below.


NEW PRICING--$200 for all files per team.  The families can chip in together and

purchase the rights to all of the images.  You will receive two DVDs with all of the

images along with 12-15 copyright release forms. 




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