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Above are some sample invitations I've recently created that were used by my clients.

Here's the part that is probably the most difficult part for me.  Wal-Mart, for example, can print a 4X6 for less money than my paper alone costs.  What I've suggested to my past clients is to allow Portrait Memories to create the invitations and then take them to Wal-Mart with a signed release form.  Sure the paper is much thinner than what I use, but for a graduation announcement, it's probably just fine.  The last I heard a 4X6 at Wal-Mart was $0.13.  200 announcements would be $26 plus the $100 fee to purchase the files and designs.  Purchasing 200 announcements from Jostens would be approximately $243.00.  Don't look now, but you've just saved $117.00 or covered the cost of 117 additional wallet photos.  Please remember that all images are copyright protected and without the release form, it is illegal to duplicate in any way. 

The reason I do this is a principle "thing" for me.  For what I have to charge for paper, ink, printer wear, and my time, it does not make sense to pay that price per announcement.  I cannot justify it for myself to do, so I wouldn't ask my clients to do it either.  To me, it's just good, honest business.  The kind of business you expect in South Dakota. 

When shopping for photographers, be sure to ask about the cost of graduation announcements.


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