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Typically the biggest challenge in Senior Pictures is glasses glare.  The large soft box I use can create a large rectangular shaped brilliant reflection on your glasses lenses.  If you wear glasses, please consider the following:  removing the lenses from your glasses, contacting your optometrist to borrow an identical set of frames, or removing your glasses for the photo session.  Glare can be removed, but it is VERY time consuming and it is difficult to completely remove 100% of it.

Your hands will show in most pictures.  Make sure your nails are trimmed or painted and looking the way you want them.  Your feet may also show in some of the casual pictures.  They may require similar attention. 

Most blemishes can be touched up digitally.  Where the make-up natural, as you would on a normal day.  If you would like a "glamour shot", perhaps hair and make-up can be done accordingly on another studio visit.  Guys...SHAVE!  It's a must! 

Feel free to bring along as many clothing changes as you want.  Please keep in mind that the photo sessions fees are based on time.  Clothing changes are included in the time from when we begin shooting.  Three or four clothing changes could burn up the majority of an hour.  When you select an outdoor location, please consider changing areas if you plan on changing outfits. 

Clothing Selection:

*  Earth tones tend to look best for outdoor casual photographs

*  Deep, solid colors tend to look best for formal portraits

*  Avoid busy patterns that detract from your features

*  Long sleeved shirts or sweaters tend to look better than short-sleeves1

Be rested and smile.  You're going to want serious pictures.  Mom is going to want smiles.  We'll do some of each.  The rest is up to you.  Please feel free to bring along any athletic or musical prop.  They often add a touch of "you" to each picture. 

If you see a photo in a magazine that you like, bring it along.  Let's recreate it just for you.  That all adds to the fun.

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