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Video Special

Click here for a sample wedding vow clip.  Shouldn't you be able to hear your vows like this?

I've watched a lot of relatives video taping weddings.  Seldom are they in the right place at the right time to catch the actions.  I've watched them have a camera on a tripod yet carry the tripod to tape the wedding.  I recently witnessed one of the most touching toasts by a Bride's sister I've ever seen.  While this was happening I looked over at the relative that was taping, and they were busy eating at the reception and missed the entire toast.  I've seen people videotaping with small children crying beside them, right beside the microphone.  Recently I've heard this quote, "The color is not going to be that great.  I had the camera on night shot.  But at least it's taped."  Is that what you want to see when you watch the tape of your wedding?  Wouldn't it be nice to actually hear your vows as you say them?  My wireless microphone will pick up every whisper. 

Your wedding day is a special day...for you and your guests.  It is also too important to trust just anyone to capture for you.  Why not allow Portrait Memories to capture your wedding on video?  With the purchase of any portrait package, you can add video for just $300.00 more.  The best thing is you get the same great production quality as described below.

Portrait Memories is now happy to announce our new totally digital videography service.  Your day will be captured with three digital video cameras.  My primary camera is a professional Panasonic DCV-7 camera.  A wireless microphone is attached to the Groom's jacket and is capable of capturing every whisper.  The video will then be taken back to the studio and digitally edited onto a DVD.  You will receive two copies of the finished DVD. 

Sample DVD's are available for you to view, but please return it to me when you are finished with it. 




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